Sweeping Brushes

The sweeping brushes are available in various different sizes and designs. We stock a full range of indoor and outdoor brushes including the handy gutter brush.
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Sweeping Brushes
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Flexible Noodle Microfibre Duster For Cleaning Dust On Blinds & Lights
This multi-purpose, flexible long handheld duster is perfect for the home and office. It helps get to hard to reach places by bending itself to reach behind radiators and on the tops of wardrobes.
Long Handled Sweeping Dustpan & Brush Set
Our lovely red long-handled dustpan and brush set is a household cleaning tool used to sweep up dirt, dust, and debris from floors. Its design allows you to hang the brush up when not in use. 
Metallic Grey 3pcs Indoor Sweeping Broom With Metal Handle
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use the stiff nylon sweeping brooms are perfect for cleaning in and around the home, kitchen, utility rooms, office or outdoor patio, decking and garage areas.
Soft & Stiff Bristles Sweeping Brushes Ideal For Cleaning Hard Floors
Suitable for sweeping interior floors, our brooms are here to help you maintain spotless surroundings. Featuring a smooth and sturdy handle to ensure longevity.
Soft Or Hard Bristle 18",24" Or 36" Long Handle Indoor Outdoor Sweeping Brush
Featuring smooth sturdy handle to ensure longevity the broom head of this handy tool is ideal for collecting small dust and dirt particles whilst providing protection against floor scratches.
Strong PVC Bristle Brooms With Wooden Handle Ideal For Driveways, Warehouses & Garages
PVC bristle brooms are suitable for sweeping exterior floors, featuring a smooth and sturdy handle to ensure longevity, the broom head is ideal for collecting dust and dirt particles.
Strong Stiff Deck Scrubber Hard Bristle Brush With Wooden Handle For Outdoors
Solid wooden deck scrub brooms great to clean your patios, decking and pathways without the need to bend. Comes complete with a handle to help you maintain spotless surroundings. 
Traditional Wooden Sweeping Brushes Indoor/Outdoor With Handle 10" Coco & 12" Bassine With Support B
These are a new range of quality solid wooden brooms. Suitable for sweeping interior floors, these brooms are here to help you maintain spotless surroundings at all times.
Yellow Snow Shovel Spade With Wooden handle
Quickly clear snow with our snow Scoop. It also features a wooden shaft, and a durable plastic design that can handle heavy snow providing a comfortable grip for extended prolonged use.
Black Gutter Brush 4m x 100mm Prevents Debris & Moss
Our brush fits most types of gutters. No more overflowing gutters and drains and avoids ladder climbing for maintenance the brush adapts automatically to the shape of any gutter.