Storage Drums

Here you will find a full range of bulk storage drums. We stock the blue keg barrel drums in various different sizes. We also have available the fibre drums and wide neck drums.
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Storage Drums
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Blue Plastic Open Top Storage Keg Barrel Drums
Our rigid blue storage kegs can be used to store many items including water, food, oil, powders, pastes, paints, soaps and chemicals. Please note only the 30 litre & 60 litre come with handles.
Open Top Fibre Drum Keg Storage Barrels With Lever Lock & Lid
These are fantastic quality new leverpak eco drums which are suitable for packing powders, solid, semiliquid and hazardous products. 
Strong Wide Neck Watertight White Storage Keg Barrel Drum With Lid
Wide neck storage barrel drum arrives complete with tamper evident screw lid closure making it ideal for liquid storage and food ingredients.