Plastic Buckets

White and black plastic buckets with lids. These buckets are available in various sizes and come complete with the lids.
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Plastic Buckets
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5L White Plastic Buckets
Each bucket features a tamper evident lid, the push on lids feature a breakaway that, once broken, cannot be resealed. The unbroken tab indicates to your customers that their product has not been tampered with. 
10L White Plastic Bucket
Made from high-grade Polypropylene plastic, with the result being a reliable, lightweight and impact-resistant container. Featuring a tamper evident lid and handle these boxes can easily be transported around.
15L White Plastic Buckets

White plastic buckets are perfect to use for storing food, paints & varnishes, they also have plenty of blank space on them for you to add your own labels & stickers. 

20L White Plastic Buckets
Our plastic buckets range are a popular choice for reliable storage & transportation of a variety of products, from household products to DIY products such as paints & varnishes. 
25L  White Plastic Buckets
Featuring a tamper evident lid and handle our buckets are white in colour making them opaque, this is good for those who wish to keep the contents of the bucket private. 
10L Black Buckets
Made from high-grade Polypropylene plastic these reliable & lightweight buckets are suitable for transporting a range of products from household items, DIY and even foodstuff.
25L Black Buckets
Manufactured from strong polypropylene plastic a lightweight plastic that provides excellent versatility and protection. Polypropylene is also fully recyclable and can be recycled.
40 Litre Strong Black Flexi Plastic Storage Buckets For Home, Garden & DIY
These 40 litre large flexi buckets feature reinforced handles and can be used as tool bags, giant mixing tubs, water tubs, rubble removers or to collect and carry objects safely.
Sets of 3 or 6 Strong 40 Litre Flexi Tubs Mixed Assorted Colours
Flexi buckets can be used as giant mixing tubs, water tubs, rubble removers or to collect & carry objects safely. The flexibility allows you to carry the buckets in one hand & are shaped for pouring.
40 Litre Plastic Flexi Coloured Buckets Multipurpose Containers For Home & Garden Use
Our flexi buckets are reliable and multi-purpose, with a huge range of applications. They are soft-sided strong tubs which come with a special reinforced handles and a large capacity.