We stock a full range of general household items. This includes dehumidifiers, serving trays, coat hangers and much more. 
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500ml Interior Dehumidifiers Prevents Damp & Mould
With the help of hydrophilic crystals in the box all moisture from the air will be removed, you will hardly ever have to face damp rooms, musty, mould, mildew & condensation.
Keyless Car Key Faraday RFID Signal Blocking Box
This clever gadget box prevent thieves from accessing the signal from your key so that your car cannot be unlocked unless you want it to be! This box will effectively shields against all signals.
Tall Large Grey & White Flexi Laundry Baskets
Made from polypropylene with a wipe clean gloss finish, our laundry baskets arrive complete with two handles and are designed to make transporting laundry much more manageable.
Wooden Coat Hangers With Non-Slp Shoulder Notches
Wooden coat hangers provide your garments with plenty of additional support and uniformly distributes the weight of the clothing. It protects collars and drapes to keep suits and coats in their lovely custom-fit shape.
Black Plastic Clothing Hangers With Trouser Bar & Clips
We've made it even easier to organise your wardrobe space with our hangers, each hanger features a trouser bar, so you can neatly fold up any bottoms or long dresses you have.