Garden Planters

We stock a range of different style garden planters in various colours and styles. These planters are great for the garden and a lovely way of showcasing your flowers.
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Garden Planters
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Lazio Effect & Slate Brick Effect Large Garden Flower Planters In Pewter Grey
Perfect for all kinds of gardens planters are a great way to showcase your flowers and plants.
Tall Milano Plastic Shiny Gloss Planters
Bring a touch of style to your surroundings with our attractive Milano plastic planters.
Grosvenor Square Planter 33cm Black & Terracotta Plant Pots
Fantastic multipurpose plant pot which will sit perfectly in any outdoor environment.
Large Grosvenor Trough 55cm Terracotta or Black Long Flower Planter
Perfect fit for flowers, herbs, vegetables, small bushes, ferns & spider plants which will thrive in this planter. 
Strawberry Tri-Pot Stacking Planters For Flowers & Plants
Our trio plant pot boasts an interconnecting design that allows these pots to be stacked. 
Bell Pot Trough Rectangular Winchester Plastic Plant Pots
Lightweight & easy to transport & lift, this pot is perfect for taking your gardening hobby to the next level. 
Grosvenor Square & Long Grosvenor Troughs Planter Sets
These planters are lightweight made from plastic and easy to carry so you can move them around easily. 
Sovereign Trough 70cm Slate Grey Planters For Home & Garden
Flower pots & planters are a great and inexpensive way to add colour and texture to your homes.
Black Outdoor Gardening Round Barrel Planter
Genuine barrel look these planters are lightweight made from plastic and easy to carry.
Black Round Plastic Flower Plant Pots With Drainage Holes & Strong Reinforced Rims
Plant pots are a great choice for keeping your garden bursting with life & showcasing your flowers & plants.