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Garden Equipment
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4 Tier Compact Greenhouse With Shelves & Roll Up Zip Panel Door
Our outdoor greenhouse is made from strong steel tubing that is made to stand up to the weight of plants and flowers.
6L Green Garden Watering Can With a Detachable Rose Head Sprinkler & Durable Handle
Watering cans are a great way to water the garden by hand and to keep plants healthy. 
Black Plastic Rolling Kart Caddy With Wheels Multi Purpose Wheelbarrow For Gardens

Caddy karts are easy to use simply tilt back & roll this makes them perfect for moving gardening equipment & waste.

Galvanized Metal Heavy Duty Fire Burning Incinerators With Lid & Handles
Metal incinerators are a more faster and efficient way to dispose of garden waste and general house waste.
Garden Trug 53cm Black Plastic Basket Plant Pot With Handle
Ideal as a planter or for transporting small gardening tools around your garden, complete with a flexible handle.
Multi Use Black Grow Bag Trays For Garden, Flowers, Plants & Greenhouses
Featuring a series of shallow horizontal recesses on the internal base of the tray which aid drainage and allow water/air flow under the grow bags or plant pots. 
Orange 50cm Barrier Fencing Mesh Safety Netting Roll
Made from high-density orange fencing which is tough, rot proof and yet lightweight enough to be transported from site to site. 
Plastic Paving Driveway Turf Grids
The grids are extremely tough and robust and can comfortably withstand vehicles in excess of 25 tonnes including vans, cars, and lorries. 
Ventilated Black Grid Drain Covers Prevents Blockages
Designed to fit around most standard downpipes, our drain cover is perfect for keeping leaves and dirt out of your drains. The tough, robust plastic is designed for external use. 
1 Litre Lightweight Garden Watering Can For Plants, Flowers & Hanging Baskets
Equipped with wide handles, long spouts these 1 litre watering cans are easy to use and can be used to directly water the desired location. 
6 Litre Red Or Green Lightweight Watering Cans With Sprinkler Heads & Handles
Easy to handle watering can allows you to better control the water flow from the watering can. Easy to hold and operate this is great for every garden. 
10 Litre Red Or Green Lightweight Watering Cans With Sprinkler Heads & Handles
Complete with detachable sprinkler rose to control water flow, this feature is especially useful for delicate plants and newly sprouted specimens.
13L Easy To Use Green Watering Can With Rose Head
Equipped with wide handles, long spouts and perforated heads they are easy to use and directly water the desired location.