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Gold Padded Envelopes

We all have delicate items that we need to send through the post sometimes, and making sure they arrive at their destination unscathed can be a real problem.

At one time, cardboard Envelopes or packages were the only way to make sure your item did not get damaged in transit. Let’s face it; being carried about the world can be a rough, tough business as packages and envelopes get passed from system to system and vehicle to vehicle - it’s no wonder damage occurs.

A brilliant and modern answer is bubble envelopes - mailing envelopes in a range of sizes that have a Bubblewrap lining. If anything is going to keep your item safe it is bubble wrap envelopes. A further solution is provided by padded envelopes, which use an internal padding to stop damage to what you are sending.

Bubble envelopes have a number of advantages over other sorts of protective packaging. First, bubble wrap envelopes protect your item with air-filled pockets in a robust mesh of plastic. As each pocket is independently sealed, it makes bubble envelopes extremely resistant to impact - those bubbles are hard to burst.

An important factor these days when it comes to mailing envelopes it weight - no-one wants to pay extra postage because their mailing envelopes are too heavy. You also need your mailing envelopes to be strong, because there’s nothing worse than your mailing envelopes bursting open in transit, spilling your items out and potentially losing them.

The loss to your company is not just in the lost item - you also have to think in terms of what it does to your customer satisfaction. And if it’s a personal item that you have lost because your mailing envelopes have split, there’s a personal loss to take into consideration too.

Padded envelopes are an ideal way not only to protect what you are sending, but also to conceal what it is. For instance, if you are sending keys, padded envelopes can protect them from prying fingers trying to determine what’s inside the padded envelopes. While sometimes a little heavier than bubble enveloped, padded envelopes are remarkably light and extremely robust.

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