How Important is Office Hygiene?

If you are part of the generation which believes in working long and hard, then you probably spend more time at your office, then you do at your home. And if that is true, then office hygiene becomes twice as important for you to make sure that the work space where you spend more than half your day stands up to the proper rules of hygiene. Because your unhygienic habits might affect you even worse than you might think.

Office Hygiene - pedal open, closed lid, Stainless Steel Waste Bins

Control Office Hygiene with pedal open, closed lid, Stainless Steel Waste Bins

Vulnerable to Diseases

An overflowing waste bin, dirty desk, dust covered equipment and stationary might leave you exposed to numerous diseases and viruses. An unclean office space might lead to a number of skin conditions, while dust particles may affect your lungs and leave you vulnerable to respiratory diseases. All this could be avoided if you could just have your trash taken out regularly and clean your desk and everything on it, once every few days. You should even consider buying a small hand-held vacuum cleaner, which could easily be stored in a drawer.

Bad Impressions

Colleagues, especially, senior managers, often judge their coworkers on their overall hygiene. If the space around you remains far from hygienic, then your colleagues might get the impression that you are not dedicated to your work or general work ethics. This might end up costing you your job. Your unhygienic habits may also affect your co-workers and expose them to various infections, because of which people might refuse to work with you or establish cordial workplace relationships with you.

Office Hygiene Check List

Hygenic Clean Wipes - Disinfectant wipes

Use of Disinfectant Cleaning Wipes Helps keep the Office and Everyone’s equipment and hands clean!

To establish a hygienic workspace, you can create a checklist, and go through it every day to make sure that the hygiene standards of your work space rise significantly.

  • Wash your hands every time you are on your station. Make sure that that you don’t touch anything while your hands are dirty.
  • Avoid eating at your station. But if you have to, then make sure that your station is covered and clean it in case you spill any food items.
  • Clean, everything on the desk, including stationary items, every couple of days.
  • Insist that your office hires a regular cleaning service to thoroughly clean the entire workspace couple of times a week.

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