Are Biodegradable Materials the Way Forward for Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Grey Postage Mailing BagsThe earth has reached a point where it can no longer handle the pollution created by the human race. Anything added from this point on will only push the earth to a state where it would no longer be able to sustain any living organism. Since we are the creators of this pollution, the responsibility of cleaning up this mess lies upon us too. And the first step to accomplish this mission is to start using biodegradable materials for eco-friendly packaging supplies like boxes, mail bags, etc.

Benefits of Biodegradable Packaging

Cardboard Boxes Offer - Biodegradable Packaging·        Environmentally Friendly

Unlike biodegradable packaging, non eco friendly materials do not have the ability to decompose. Also, manufacturing process of non eco-friendly packaging materials generates by-products, toxin wastes and green house gases that pollute water bodies and the environment. Biodegradable packaging materials on the other hand, do not harm the environment and keep it pollution free.

·        Renewable

One of the best reasons to advocate the use of biodegradable products is that most of them are made of a renewable resource called biomass. The organic compounds of the biomass include grass, plants, tree, and anything that has the ability to decompose naturally.

·        Less Energy, More Production

If you compare the manufacturing process of both types of packaging (the eco friendly and the non eco friendly), then you will notice that biodegradable packaging not only takes half the time to produce, but it also requires a little less than half the energy required to create. Adapting biodegradable packaging materials would not only ensure their timely availability, but also conserve energy and the environment.

·        Non-Toxic

Because no harmful chemicals are used to manufacture biodegradable packaging materials, they remain 100% toxin free. These toxins can cause many medical conditions, chief amongst which is cancer.

·        Easily Breaks Down

Non-eco-friendly packaging materials, when discarded, pile on top of each other and can take decades or even centuries to break down (if it happens at all). On the other hand, biodegradable materials not only break down easily but take next to no time at all to do it.

We hope that these points are enough to convince you to adapt the eco friendly route. Visit our website to explore our diverse range of environmentally friendly offerings to buy packaging supplies for your office. You can also contact us for further assistance and queries.

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