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Cardboard House Moving Boxes - Removal Packing boxWe have been in the packaging materials business for a while now and we have learned a lot about the quality and usage of the materials that we sell. We thought that it was about time that we provide some of that knowledge to our customers, starting with how to properly secure and seal their packaging boxes.

The Right Box

The process obviously starts with selecting the right type of box; you have to know the sturdiness of the box before you start packing goods in it. You can start off by looking at the type of packing boxes and moving boxes available in our store and select the correct type. Using new boxes is always the best choice, because repurposed boxes may have weaknesses that you aren’t aware of. If the box is damaged, then the items you are packing in it are at risk.

You also have to look at the strength of the box; usually a regular sized single walled cardboard box can handle about 30 kilograms of weight and a double walled cardboard box can handle up to 45 kilograms. You should select the type of box that will meet the weight requirements of your shipment.

Sealed and Secured

Clear Packaging Tape 48mm x 66 metersSealing and securing the box properly is just as important as selecting the right box. So, you shouldn’t use any old tape that you have lying around. Majority of other tapes will come off after a while and it will put your items in danger. Opt for a high strength wide packaging tape instead, that has been specifically made for sealing a cardboard box. The packaging tape is manufactured for the purpose of properly sticking to the surface of the cardboard box; hence it is the best choice for sealing purposes.

One aspect of the securing process that often gets overlooked by people is securing the bottom of the box. The bottom of the box will take the brunt of the weight of the items placed in it, so it should be taped up as well. If you want another layer of security for the box, then you can staple the lids of the box.

Finding the Right Materials

Hand Tape Dispenser/Gun With Adjustable Clutch

A Hand Tape Dispenser Gun will save you tons of time when sealing shipping, packing, moving boxes!

Use the information above to find the right packaging materials. We have the right cardboard boxes, as well as the packaging tape, and tape dispensers / tape guns in stock at our online packaging materials super store. So, buy the packaging supplies you need and use the information above to seal and secure your packages the right way. Advantage – Save money buying online in our store, save time, we offer free delivery within the UK!

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