What You Need To Know About Packing Precious Goods

As a business or individual, you want to ensure that your expensive goods are shipped with the highest level of care, arriving at their destination in pristine condition. The anxiety related to the thought of damaging such items can be a nightmare! For this reason, we present to you a guide that allows you peace of mind and the right tools!

Begin by Assessing the Vulnerability of Your Shipping Content

You need to thoroughly and methodically scrutinize the item for its vulnerability during the mailing or moving. This should be done prior to purchasing any protective packaging supplies and packing boxes. Determine the size, weight, shape and material. Remember, your focus should be on finding the perfect match of supplies that provides maximum protection to your goods.

Single or Multiple Item Shipment

Are you mailing out a single or multiple items? This information is essential because it provides you with a guide on the kind of internal protection you should opt for.

For shipping a single item, just ensure that you wrap it well with polythene packaging or bubble pouches before placing it in the packaging boxes. On the other hand, if you’re mailing out multiple items in a single box, you should make sure that there is a minimum of 5 cm of cushioning (in form of protective packing) between each item from all sides.

Bubble Wrap All the Way

These protrusions of plastic film inflated with air is perhaps one of the most popular protective wrapping casing used to guarantee the secure delivery of precious goods. To accommodate all kinds of items, Storm Trading offers small bubble wrap, large bubble wrap, clearance bubble wrap, anti-static, bio degradable.

When you’re dealing with relatively smaller items, managing large sheets of bubble wrap can be inconvenient. This is why, to facilitate convenience, you should opt for bubble pouches that are rather easy to use.

Packing Peanuts

When it comes to packaging fragile items, packing peanuts are another great favourite. Whether you’re sending a gift to a special somebody or a delivery to a customer, the last thing you’d want is to have it arrive slightly damaged. These polystyrene chips fit together when compressed providing you goods with a safe and secure form of packaging.

There are so many other ways to guarantee the safety of your precious items. With Storm Trading as you exclusive supplier of packaging goods, you have access to a wide collection!

For more information, please feel free to visit our website, http://www.stormtrading.co.uk/, and take a look at our extensive collection at reasonable prices!




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