Packaging Tape – Know the Different Types

Everyone knows about the common pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes. We use it in everyday life without paying much attention to it. But when it comes to packaging materials, you have to start thinking about the tape that you are using to secure the cardboard boxes.

Most people don’t know that there different types of packaging tapes, all of which have their own specific usage. Since we are in the business of selling packaging materials, including tape, we thought it best to shed some light on the matter.

Types of Tape

Scotch Tape

The most commonly used tape is the scotch or packing tape. It is transparent, and one side has acrylic glue, which is a multipurpose adhesive perfect for all sorts of usage and environments.

Filament Tape

Filament tape is made of stronger material than scotch tape and is often used to secure packing boxes. It uses rubber adhesive instead of the acrylic one, which is pressure-sensitive.

Masking Tape

Masking tape is used when you are painting or whitewashing your home or office. This tape is made of paper and has a light acrylic adhesive, which makes it easy to remove.

Hot Melt Tape

Hot melt tape has a unique ability to handle extremely low temperatures. It used to secure boxes that are stored in freezers.

Glow in the Dark Tape

Glow in the dark tape has a myriad of uses, though it is not commonly used in packaging. It is used to mark out pathways in case of emergencies.

Water Activated Tape

This tape is made of kraft paper, which makes it one of the strongest tapes. The adhesive used in the tape is activated by water. The top of the tape is also reinforced by filaments, which provides the strength required to secure heavy boxes.

Each of the types of tape mentioned above have their own unique function. You should look at your packaging needs before you go on our store to purchase the tape that you need. People who need tape at home or the office don’t usually require the extra strength of water activated tape or the luminescent properties of glow in the dark tape. They require a tape that can help secure the boxes and provide a modest amount of strength.

You can find many different types of packaging tape on our online store. Browse through them and select the one that you need, you will not better priced tapes anywhere else in the UK.

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