Solve your Packaging Problems – Use Shrink Wrap

Investing in a shrink wrap machine will prove to be invaluable for your business. These days, shrink wrap is considered as the preferred packaging material, being non-toxic and versatile. It can be used to pack anything ranging from a single DVD up to a huge pallet of soda can cartons.

There are two types of shrink wrap machines; the I bar for small to medium applications and the L bar for large packaging requirements.

The Shrink Wrap Film

The shrink wrap film is made up of polymers. Depending on the applications, it can be made to shrink in one direction (unidirectional film) or in two directions, i.e. horizontal and vertical (mono-directional). It is important to select the right type of film depending on your requirements.

The film has been pre-stretched when it leaves the factory. The wrapping machine reheats the film to expand it and then wrap it onto the article to be packed. The film then air cools and shrinks to pack and create a tight seal on the article.


Due to its flexible and stretchable nature, shrink wrap can be used on almost every object. Some manufacturers even use it to protect their products, such as boats, for winter storage. There are virtually endless applications of the shrink wrap technology.

Due to its air tight and hygienic nature, shrink wrap is a popular packaging material in the food industry. If an item has been shrink wrapped, it stays fresh longer as it does not come into contact with air.

Understanding the Technology

Shrink wrap seems like a simple thing. But it is always better to learn the technologies working in the background to make full use of it. There is broad range of machines and wrapping solutions available. It is important that you select the one that best suits your business.

Selecting the right machine and equipment will make your packaging super efficient and easy. Make sure you keep your future production levels under consideration while selecting equipment. There is no fun in getting stuck a year down the line because your machine is too small to package all items you produce.

Whether you’re looking for low volumes of packaging tape and padded envelopes for your home office or large quantities of cardboard boxes and bubble wrap for, we offer a fantastic range of cheap packaging goods to suit your needs.

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