Selecting the Right Bubble Wrap

Who doesn’t love bubble wrap! The joyful experience of popping those little bubbles is like no other- almost therapeutic. We still wonder how people working at bubble wrap factories control themselves.

However, the actual purpose of bubble wrap is far more beneficial. It serves to provide cushioning and protect fragile items during transportation. The highly flexible nature of this material enables it to be used on items of any size and form.

Just like other packaging materials, there are a variety of bubble wraps available. Selecting the right one while balancing cost and utility can be confusing.

What is Bubble Wrap?

We have all seen bubble wrap. By definition, it is a pliable packaging material made of plastic. It is transparent and commonly used for packaging fragile items.

A plastic sheet is covered with evenly spaced, uniform air filled bubbles to provide a cushion if air. The bubbles are a hemisphere in shape and two sheets with bubbles are joined back to back to provide a cushion.

Standard Specifications

Bubble wraps are a popular packaging material. They come in standard dimensions and sizes. The bubble wraps are determined by bubble height. The most commonly manufactured sizes are between an eighth of an inch and half an inch.

Selecting the Correct Wrap

Depending on the product to be protected, different forms of bubble wrap is used. It is important to note that although bubble wrap is a very popular form of packaging material, it is not suitable for everything.

One of the drawbacks of bubble wrap is that it is not scratch proof. Therefore, it cannot be used with any products that are prone to scratches.

In case of fragile items, it is a good practice to wrap them in small sized bubble wrap and then top the packaged item with an additional layer of a slightly bigger one. For less fragile items, medium sized bubble wrap works well.

Large bubble wrap is best used to fill any empty spaces in large boxes. It helps to keep the contents from freely moving around and getting damaged from impact.

Different sizes of bubble wraps may be combined together to obtain maximum protection.

Whether you’re looking for low volumes of packaging tape and padded envelopes for your home office or large quantities of cardboard boxes and bubble wrap for, we offer a fantastic range of cheap packaging goods to suit your needs.




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