Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

As well as New Year resolutions and fresh starts, January is also home to Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

This year, the special day celebrating the highly loved poppable packaging, falls on January 27th.

To celebrate we’ve listed a few great ideas, activities, and a few facts about bubble wrap – perfect for children and after school clubs!

In the late 1950s, American engineer Al Fielding and Swiss inventor Marc Chavannes, created Bubble Wrap while attempting to design a textured, plastic wallpaper.

– Print out or draw images of a room in your house, cut and stick pieces of bubble wrap across the walls to see what your home would look like with Bubble Wrap wallpaper. Brighten it up and design your own wallpaper pattern by painting over the bubble wrap once its stuck down!

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Al Fielding and Marc Chavannes soon realised the potential of bubble wrap, as a packaging material.

– Ditch the paint brushes for some bubble wrap! Make a snowy landscape, or use it to create small fruit like grampus or pomegranate. For older children try making a fly, using the bubble wrap for wings, pipe cleaners for legs, and painted bubble wrap for the detailed eyes.

4-seasons copy

The Sealed Air produces enough Bubble Wrap to stretch from the Earth to the Moon each year!

– Bubble wrap hopscotch is easy to make and fun to do! After a responsible adult has cut out 10 square sheets of bubble wrap, have the children paint numbers on then place them on the ground in order and pop away!


Sealed Air sponsors an annual Bubble Wrap Competition for Young Inventors where children compete to create the most innovative product using Bubble Wrap as the primary material. Past winners include a floating garden, a cell phone cover, a swing for children with movement disorders, and a transformable kite kit.

– For older children, set them a challenge of creating an innovative product using bubble wrap as the primary material, or hold a “fashion show” with bubble wrap outfits. Best one wins a prize!

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 11.40.05

– Bubble wrap chocolate! Place your bubble wrap bubble side up on a baking mat or tray and spread melted chocolate over it. Allow the chocolate to set and peel off the bubble wrap. Great for cake toppers or just as they are!


If you need to stock up on bubble wrap, check out Storm Trading Group.

Hope you all have a great Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

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